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Frequently Asked Questions

1, How to register the software?

To register the software, you must have bought a code. Please see the topic "How to register?" in the help file.

2, When the software previews the video, why the sound is not simultaneously with the video?

Please try to change the parameters "Frequency", "Channels", "BPS", or click the button "Apply".

3, Why can not see the video from the preview window?

Please try to switch to other video drivers from the drop-down list "Video Driver". Or connect the camera to your computer, turn the power on, then restart the software.

4, Why can not see the correct video driver from the drop-down list "Video Driver".

Make sure that the camera are connected to your computer correctly, turn the power on, then restart the software.

5, Can I save the output file as MPEG?

Sorry, the software does not support recording to MPEG directly, you may try other software to convert the AVI to other formats. You may visit http://www.video-capture.info/download.htm to download a converter.

6, How to decrease the output file size?

You may use smaller values for smaller file size. The values include "Audio Frequency", "Audio BPS", "Video Frame Rates", "Video Width", "Video Height".

7, I have a question, but I do not know where should I send it.

Please send it to support@video-capture.info

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